With year-round warm temperatures in Tampa, relaxing in your back yard with guests is a great way to spend the evening. But you need lighting in order for your visitors to really appreciate your back yard or deck, and that’s where outdoor LED lighting can make a huge difference. LED lighting is not only economical but Eco-friendly too. Here are some creative ideas about how to use outdoor LED lighting to properly accentuate your Florida’s backyard.

Building that Outdoor Lighting Design ‘WOW FACTOR”

Just like inside, the very best outdoor spaces have a wow feature, something draws attention and pulls the collective design together. A water fountain is an excellent example of a main piece that works perfectly with LED light accenting.

If you want your water fountain or any other decorative piece that involves water to really stand out, try submersible outdoor LED lighting. These can be purchased easily for very reasonable price from LED Artistry. You can choose as many lights as you want, giving you the option to create either a subtle effect or something more pronounced.

In nature, you won’t find lights underwater so if you’re aiming for a more organic design, you could forego the submersible LED lighting in favor of down lighting (lights facing the subject from above aimed downward). Use soft LED down lighting to cast light onto the water and the result will be eye-catching and add some character as well.

Combining Lights and Shadows with LED Illuminations

When you’re creating the design of your garden, it seems obvious to think about the areas that you want to light up. However, don’t think you need to illuminate every inch because shadow has an important part to play in the overall effect too.

Combining areas of light and shadow will produce a far more interesting result than simply bathing the whole area in bright lights. One of the advantages of outdoor LED lighting is that it can be directed very specifically, giving you complete control over where you want the bright spots and shadows. Consider elements such as up lighting and down lighting, back-lighting as well as placing lighting in small areas to create sudden bursts of light.

Highlighting Your Yards Plants and Gardens

Strategic lighting placed around your favorite plants and flowers, your gazebo, or your entire yard will allow guests to enjoy the ambiance even at night. The colors of your garden will be clearly visible so you can show off your garden any time, day or night. Unlike other forms of lighting, LEDs don’t get hot as very little excess heat is produced. This means you can use them around your shrubbery and other plants without any risk of damaging them. You might even find that some plants and flowers look better at night than during the day with special outdoor LED lights set up.

To determine the best quality outdoor LED lighting designs for all your Tampa projects, contact LED Artistry today.