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Options For Outdoor Lighting 

We offer only the highest quality in LED Lighting technology supplied by only the most reputable brands.

Northwest Outdoor Lighting

Northwest Outdoor Lighting is a full service, indoor lighting company that offers many options for outdoor lighting. They have a large selection of patio lighting, gazebo lighting, post light fixtures, lanterns, string lighting, and much more. They are nationally-awarded and for outdoor lighting designed specifically for deck, patio, and garden lighting. They offer low voltage lighting, so no wiring is required.

Iron Garden Lighting

Iron Garden Lighting offers award-winning modern outdoor lighting. These stylish lights are great for accentuating your patio, garden, and other outdoor spaces. They are made with the highest-quality copper wire and finished in a lifetime outdoor lighting-coated finish. With over 45 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and soldering outdoor lighting, Iron Garden Lighting is your one-stop provider for any need you may have.

Southwest Lighting

Southwest Lighting offers beautiful, creative outdoor lighting that can illuminate a large landscape or accent a small outdoor wall light. Their line of landscape lighting includes floodlights, rope lighting, rope lights, post lights, and wall sconces. These versatile lights are perfect to illuminate walkways, trails, fountains, gardens, or as an accessory to your contemporary patio, deck, or garden. Southwest lighting is sold in a wide variety of styles, colors, finishes, and sizes. You will love the unique style and designs that they offer.  

There is no limit to how you can use modern outdoor lighting. You can light up your porch, garden, or yard after a hot day of walking on your treadmill or gliding through the garden. You can light up a path to your front door or driveway after your evening walk. When you are entertaining, you can add a festive touch to your outdoor spaces with spot lighting, wall sconces, and dimmer switches.

When designing your outdoor lighting plan, make sure that the design coordinates with the landscaping. If you have an arbor or bench that you would like to light up, coordinate your outdoor ceiling lighting with it. Or if you are looking for some really pretty accents around your patio or deck, consider adding wrought iron candle holders, bird feeders, and lanterns. Many times these are sold as part of a complete outdoor lighting package. Just remember, outdoor ceilings and outdoor areas are exposed to all sorts of natural elements so make sure that your outdoor lighting blends in with your outdoor spaces.

Another popular option for lighting is downlighting. The term downlighting refers to the process of directing a bright light downward. Outdoor ceiling lights and outdoor decks can be highlighted by attaching outdoor downlighting posts, stakes, or cables. These can be mounted to a standard tree branch or regular post. Downlighting gives a sense of height as well as highlighting the landscaping around your patio, deck, or garden.

Coastal lamps are another popular accent that you can easily incorporate into your lighting plan. A coastal lamp is a hanging light fixture with a base that is usually made from earth, wood, or metal. They come in many different shapes and colors to suite your outdoor decor. Some of the more popular colors include black, sand, gray, copper, bronze, and teal.