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7 Benefits of Remlap,FL Outdoor Solar Lights

In 2008, the use of technology to capture energy provided by the sun increased. Financial incentives provided by the United States government helped the alternative energy gain traction among the public. Hillsborough outdoor solar lights benefit residents who live in Florida, among other states. The sun shines most days throughout the year, so capturing the energy to provide cost-efficient Remlap outdoor lighting makes sense.

In 2021, most of the population knows a solar panel when they see it. Before 2008, the rural population was already harnessing the sun’s power. They had to figure out an alternative to municipal-provided electricity. 

It’s worth knowing that the sun’s rays provide several sources of energy. Solar power provides energy for electricity, water heating, home cooling, and transportation. Engineers are finding ways to make solar panels more cost-efficient, smaller, and environmentally friendly.

Solar power also helps provide residential exterior lighting, which provides several benefits.

Here we explore seven benefits of Hillsborough outdoor solar lights.


LED light technology paved the way for affordable indoor and outdoor residential lighting solutions. Solar power takes the cost-efficiency up another notch. When professionals install Remlap,FL outdoor lighting options, they also install main electricity points. 

Most outdoor light fixtures require access to electricity. They’re connected to a cable that runs to the power source. Professionals ensure that the cables aren’t visible, so it’s easy to forget how the system works. Nonetheless, LEDs help homeowners manage their energy use.

Solar lights are more cost-efficient than LEDs for a few reasons. First, they don’t require access to your home’s electricity source. Second, they don’t even require access to your home’s solar panel electricity source.

Instead, each solar-powered lighting fixture contains its own battery. When the sun is out, the battery captures and stores the power from the sun’s rays. 

To maximize the cost-efficiency factor, find lighting fixtures that guarantee a long lifespan. At your favorite home improvement store, you’ll find stick lighting fixtures that have a one-year lifespan. Others that last up to 15 years. 

If you want to dig into the weeds, you can compare the electricity cost to light your home’s exterior and the cost to replace solar-powered exterior lighting fixtures. Chances are high that everything is taken into consideration, the Remlap,FL outdoor solar lights will receive a slight edge, especially in Florida, where the sun is abundant.


Solar-powered exterior lighting fixtures are versatile. LED exterior lighting fixtures have limits. Since they require access to an electric power source, it’s possible to encounter obstructions and roadblocks. The solar-powered options aren’t limited to specific locations of areas. Thus, they’re versatile.

If you want to place a stick light fixture in the middle of your garden, you can thanks to the solar energy technology. It’s even possible to create your own lighting landscape without worrying about the power source.

Professional lighting installers are engineers and artists in their own right. They listen to their clients and make adjustments as necessary. It’s possible to create a desired theme and mood even if obstructions for lighting exist on the property. One solution professionals offer is a combination of LED and solar-powered lighting options.

It’s possible to light a specific tree with a spotlight even though there’s no nearby electricity source.

One drawback that the solar lighting options experience is shadows. These fixtures require placement that’s free of exposure to shadows in the daytime. Solar panels are placed in a manner that optimizes their exposure to the sun. It’s the same for their lighting fixture counterparts. 

If your garden bed receives shadows a couple of hours during the day, that spot benefits from LED fixtures instead of solar.


Lighting fixtures powered by the sun can last up to 15 years. Keep in mind that this fixture has several components. It consists of a battery, a bulb, and a shaft. All fixtures receive a manufacturer’s warranty. Some offer two years, which is a good indicator of the product’s quality. 

If your fixture outlasts the two-year warranty, it indicates that there are no flaws in the construction or engineering. There’s a good chance that the fixture is going to live to see its 15th birthday.

The battery, on the other hand, lasts three years or 1,000 cycles. It’s possible that the battery can last a few cycles beyond 1,000, but it’s a good idea to prepare for the moment when it maxes itself out. 

This is where picking between price and lifespan becomes a fork in the road. You can pick a pricier and long-lasting fixture that will require a battery replacement in three years. Your other option is to pick a mid-priced fixture that will also require a battery replacement in three years.

A third option is to lean on the expertise of lighting professionals. After installation, they can maintain the lights. A maintenance plan benefits homeowners who took an extensive lighting route. If the cost to replace the batteries of your solar-powered fixtures, it’s worth the total price.


Even though a solar-powered fixture requires battery replacement once every three years, it’s still a low-maintenance product. LED lighting products get the job done, but they’re susceptible to power cable malfunctions. In addition, LED bulbs burn out at the three-year mark.

Changing the battery on a solar-powered fixture cancels out changing the LED bulb on an electricity-powered lighting fixture. 

Both product types require maintenance too. Hillsborough outdoor lighting maintenance includes trimming trees, bushes, and other greenery. It’s important to remove the debris near the lighting fixtures and to look for exposed wires. Moreover, if there are exposed wires, they require inspection. Professionals must determine if the wires are still in good condition or if a replacement is on the horizon.

Maintenance also includes checking the fixtures for damage and cleaning the frames and glass.

The difference is that the solar-powered version isn’t going to stop lighting if a power outage occurs or if it’s cut off from the power source. Since Florida receives severe weather a few times annually, reducing your reliance on the electric grid is worth your while. 

Moreover, there’s no cable to worry about with the solar version. Once the cables stop working, they require a total replacement. Before LED lights evolved, if one bulb on a string burnt out, the owner had to replace the entire string. Then came the LED string lights with replaceable bulb abilities. Nonetheless, the solar power version proves to need less maintenance annually.

Environmentally Friendly

Since Hillsborough outdoor solar lights don’t require access to the electric grid, they’re environmentally friendly. 

The solar-powered lighting fixture leaves a small footprint behind, which is great for the environment. LED technology has come a long way. It eats far less energy in 2021 than it did in 2000. Every improvement is worth celebrating and taking advantage of for the sake of the environment.

If you own a large home, you have to maintain it. Lighting creates a layer of security that happens to add a beauty element. Homeowners who want to live in a large home receive the opportunity to do so. To offset the larger footprint, simply adopt solutions that lower the size.

For example, take into consideration the materials used to produce the fixture. Since harnessing solar power is an effort that came out of the environmentally-conscious mindset, the materials used to produce its products are also environmentally friendly. LED fixtures also utilize recycled materials, but there’s still room for more improvement.

These fixtures have a lifespan of 15 years. Others last a year. Homeowners who opt for fixtures with longer lifespans replace them less often. You may encounter a situation where the entire fixture no longer operates as intended, but most are engineered to be sturdy.

With LED fixtures, the bulb may burn out sooner than expected. Bulb manufacturers are making strides toward lowering their footprint too, but it’s a different technology from solar power.

Provides Security

There are several home security options on the market in 2021. Some are impressive and show off technological advances. It’s possible to connect your home’s doorbell to a nanny cam that records everything happening in front of your property and at your doorstep.

The video security technology goes as far as syncing to a mobile app that operates optimally on your smartphone. In addition to security measures, it’s a good idea to employ deterrents.

Data shows that seven out of 10 break-ins occur during daytime hours. Individuals target homes when they believe that the homeowner is at work. Plus, they scope out the neighborhood to ensure that most of the other homeowners are at work too.

This doesn’t mean that individuals who intend to break into a home shy away from targeting properties that consist of poor lighting. 

Illuminating your home, especially the areas that don’t receive lighting from the street, deters those who want to target your house. It also deters critters who are searching for food. Hungry critters find their way to properties where they see little to no activity. 

If they’re really hungry, all bets are off. If there’s a trash can in sight and it smells like leftovers, they’ll give it a go despite the lighting. However, it helps that you can see its critters as opposed to humans. This way you know who to call. Calling the city’s pest control department is different from calling the local authorities.

The other type of security that homeowners worry about is accidental fires. When there are several appliances using electricity, it poses a hazard. Since solar-powered fixtures don’t plug into your home’s electricity source, they don’t pose a fire risk, a bonus security measure.

The Power Source is Unlimited

Hillsborough and Florida receive plenty of sunshine year-round. Therefore, your outdoor solar lights receive a constant source of power that doesn’t increase your household’s electricity use. 

Each solar-powered fixture contains a rechargeable battery. The battery stores extra solar power, allowing it to light up on nights that the sun didn’t shine during the daytime. Some of these fixtures have a lifespan of one year. Others last up to 15 years. Their price is a useful lifespan indicator. 

If you’re searching for landscape lights powered by the sun that lasts long-term, speak with a professional. They can assess your property and outdoor decor goals. After understanding your budget and preferences, lighting professionals come up with a plan. 

You’ll notice that these outdoor lighting fixtures are powered by the sunshine all night. In the morning, their light begins to fade but the sun’s rays power them again. It’s a never-ending cycle because their power source is unlimited. 

Some American cities have started to switch their street lights to solar-powered street lights. They’re far more efficient than those used to decorate landscapes, but they use the same power source and engineering. City street lights recharge in six to eight hours. They consist of a battery that stores the sun’s rays. Without the sun’s charge, their power can last five to seven days.

Residential landscape lights that use the sun fully charge in four to 12 hours. To receive a full charge, place the lighting fixtures in areas away from shadows. They’re best utilized along pathways, the driveway, and on the edges of your lawn. It makes the fixtures versatile. They’ll light up a path, beautify your property, and only use the sun as their power source. 

To find the Remlap,FL outdoor solar lights that work best for your property, contact Led-Artistry at 813-999-6255. Our professional Hillsborough outdoor lighting installation team finds the fixtures that work best for your property. Visit our website to view our gallery and a list of our services.

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