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9 Outdoor Lighting Options that Enhance Your Goffstown,NH Property including String Lights

Adding Goffstown outdoor lighting to your property is practical. The lighting illuminates the pathways, driveways, and steps. You and your household members are less likely to trip over toys, steps, or gardening tools.

Lighting your property’s exterior also doubles as a security measure. Data shows that over half of break-ins occur during daytime hours. Individuals with nefarious intentions target neighborhoods during work hours. They aim to hit homes in neighborhoods when everyone in the area is at work. Nonetheless, lighting your home’s exterior helps prevent nighttime break-ins. At the least, they help you enter your home promptly when you return from work.

Outdoor lights provide a decorative touch that enhances your property’s exterior. The lighting industry has no shortage of options, styles, sizes, and price ranges. You can pick out a set of Hillsborough string lights and round them out with spotlights, garden lights, and floodlights.

As a homeowner, you want your property’s interior and exterior design to match your style and preferences. Others pick designs that enhance the property’s architecture. For Goffstown,NH outdoor lighting, there are a few more considerations to take into account. For example, every light requires a power source. Some light fixtures require access to cables and power outlets.

The good news is that professionals will visit your property and create lighting works of art. LED lighting artists have experience creating themes, moods, and showcasing areas of residential, commercial, and events according to their client’s specifications.

Here we take a look at nine lighting options for your home’s exterior.

String Lights

Hillsborough string lights are a versatile option for your home’s exterior. Some homeowners like them so much that they use them to decorate the interior too.

Lights on string became popular as outdoor Christmas decorations. They started as big bulbs on an electrical cord string and evolved. Today’s option is energy-efficient since most uses LED technology. You’ll find them in a range of bulb colors, sizes, and timing. Some seem like they’re chasing each other while others alternate between colors.

No doubt, string lights offer a whimsical way to decorate a home’s exterior for the Holidays. You can decorate your yard, walls, and garden with them too.

If your home consists of an outdoor patio, dining area, or deck, it’s possible to suspend lights on strings from the posts. For improved lighting during the evening hours, suspend them over the outdoor dining table. 

You can also wrap them around outdoor fixtures, such as a parasol, pergola, and porch swings. Sturdy trees receive plenty of attention during the daytime because they provide so much shade. Wrap strings of light so they’ll receive attention at night too.

You’ll find the string lighting option in colorful options. There are also vintage, solar, and jar styles to consider. Head over to your local hardware store or home improvement retailer to gauge the variety. Thereafter, you can start making choices based on availability and your property’s current decor theme.

Homeowners who don’t know where to start can engage the services of professional lighting artists. 


When people think about spotlights, they may remember vintage pictures of Hollywood movie premieres. Large spotlights illuminated the red carpet. There’s also the Bat-Signal. To summon the Caped Crusader, the spotlight is huge.

Residential spotlights also exist. Just like their name suggests, these lights place a spotlight on intended targets. These lights are also known as up-lights, directional lights, and bullets. The intention is to accent portions of a house, yard, or garden. 

Spotlights are a versatile exterior lighting option too. It consists of the shaft, handle, and head. Their size and support features can manage several bulb types, wattages, and beam widths. 

If you hire the services of professional residential lighting installers, they’ll use terms such as highlighting, silhouetting and shadowing when making the best use of spotlights. The most common place this lighting option lives is in front of trees. 

The lights illuminate the trees, which causes the light to spread further. The uplighting technique helps more areas of the property receive illumination without becoming a nuisance.

Step Lights

Every homeowner should consider coupling their home’s outdoor steps with outdoor step lights. You and your household members benefit from illuminating the steps that lead to your house’s front door. If there are children in the home, it’s a good idea to illuminate other steps on the property’s exterior. 

Step lights are a decorative touch that adds an accent to steps. The bulbs live in a frame that protects them from the outdoor elements and people’s feet. You’ll find step lights in a variety of sizes and splashes. Finding the right size won’t pose a challenge. 

All step lights require a power source. Professional installers ensure that each light illuminates as intended before completing the job. If they use electricity, it requires the installation of power cables. As a bonus, you, your household members, and guests won’t see the power cable.

You can also opt for solar-powered step lights. Living in New Hampshire provides several advantages. Among them is a constant power source from the sun. Your lights will receive enough power during the daytime to keep them light throughout the night.

Garden Lights

There are two types of homeowners, those who spend a lot of time beautifying their garden and those who invest in professionals who maintain a beautiful garden on their property.

If you spend the resources on a garden, it makes sense to showcase it at night too. Gardens that are visible from the street already receive their due attention during daylight hours. Adding lights designed for gardens means that the area receives illumination when the sun sets.

Lights designed to illuminate gardens are far more decorative and whimsical. The fixtures fit in with the flowers, plants, and other greenery without taking attention away from them. 

Common garden lights include lanterns, spike lights, and in-ground lights.

You’ll notice that professionals place lights at incremented distances. The goal is to create silhouettes, glows, and shadows where appropriate. 


Floodlights are similar to spotlights. Floodlights literally flood an area with lighting. They’re more powerful than residential spotlights. You’ll notice that they’re equipped to handle a higher wattage and wider angles. 

If there are areas of your property that don’t receive illumination, floodlights are the best solution. The back areas of a home are far away from the curb and street. Therefore, they don’t benefit from city street lights. Individuals with nefarious intentions aren’t the only ones who like to hide in the shadows. Critters hide in the shadows too. 

Placing floodlights in areas of your property that don’t receive Hillsborough outdoor lighting protects your household and pets. Dogs are curious. If they hear noises, they’re going to explore the source. New Hampshire sees its share of squirrels, raccoons, rodents, and bears. If your dog is going to put up a fight with these mammals, help him out by providing some light.

Light acts as a deterrent too. Critters are less likely to rummage through trash cans that are situated in well-lit areas. If they’re really hungry, they’re going to search for food regardless of the lighting situation. At least, they’ll be visible.

Bollard Lights

Cities invest in bollard lights to illuminate pathways in parks, alleys, and some city streets. The light sits on a post that averages three feet in height. 

Bollard lights benefit a residential property too. First, they’re decorative without overwhelming the landscaping. Second, the lighting option is energy-efficient. You can opt for LED bulbs or solar-powered options.

The number of bollards that your property requires depends on its size and the number of paths. To maximize the light, it’s important to space them in increments away from each other. 

They come in handy for areas of your property that remain dark from a lack of other lighting sources. 

Wall Lights

Exterior wall lights are a great property lighting add-on. In their case, it’s a good idea to work with a professional lighting installer. When you visit your favorite home improvement store, you’ll see the number of wall lights on the market. If you search online, you’ll find even more. A professional narrows down the options according to style, size, and budget. The task of picking the right ones for your property becomes manageable. 

As the name suggests, these lights attach to the walls. The porch, garage, and storage shed walls are some places that benefit from this Goffstown,NH outdoor lighting option. 

Common wall lights include lanterns and flat panes. Their material resists the outdoor elements, so they’re not likely to rust, fade, or chip for several years. Common materials include nickel, brass, and bronze. 

In most cases, the lighting isn’t the star. Instead, the spaces and things that they illuminate receive it. Wall lights come in handy for areas where you turn the corner from illuminated areas into dark ones. For example, your garden is well-lit, but the storage shed doesn’t receive enough illumination. Therefore, it makes sense to place a wall light on the shed.

As you explore your residential exterior lighting options, you’ll realize that each option has a purpose. Wall wash lights illuminate an area further. A lantern wall light only lights up its immediate area. The wash light illuminates an entire garage door. 

Professional lighting services assess a property before sketching out a plan. Once they identify areas that require lighting and those that you want to accent, it’s easier to architect the perfect plan.

As you begin this work, consider your neighbors. You may want to illuminate your garden, but if the light goes into their bedroom, you’re going to need Plan B. It’s still possible to showcase the garden at night, you simply need to employ lights that don’t reach onto your neighbor’s property. 

Getting cited by city authorities for creating a nuisance is possible. A professional helps you achieve your residential lighting goals without bothering those who live around you. 

Post Lights

When you take a look at the post light you might wonder if it’s the same as a bollard light. In the lighting world, the two are different. The difference comes from the height. A bollard light is short and stout, while the post light is slim and tall.

The post light illuminates its area. You can spot it from far away. A bollard light illuminates a wider circumference, but you can’t stop it from a far away distance. 

Post light designs blend into a home’s exterior. Available styles include traditional, contemporary, transitional, and mission. Their colors are neutral and the bulb lives on top of the post.

Post light bulbs receive protection from a lantern. The lantern includes a frame and glass. The glass allows the bulb’s light to radiate outward.

Residential post lights can stand on their own or in a series. It depends on how much space you need to light. You can adopt one post and several bollard lights. 

A post light in another pathway and walkway lighting option. Professionals can combine several options to deliver the optimal lighting scheme for your property.

Deck Lights

Homebuyer surveys show that the population is searching for real estate that affords them more space. They want a property that consists of an existing deck, porch, and BBQ area. If it doesn’t always exist, they want space to build one in the future. 

For those whose property has a deck, lights specifically designed for this feature exist. Decks consist of railings and posts. Therefore deck lights attach to the infrastructure. Plus, you can install lights on the steps.

Proper Hillsborough outdoor lighting helps you enjoy your deck after the sun sets, especially when the days are shorter. Since you receive favorable weather in the fall and winter months, it’s nice to enjoy it and your property during these seasons too. 

For a free Goffstown,NH outdoor lighting demo, including string lights, contact Led-Artistry at 813-999-6255. Our team schedules your appointment and offers professional and artistic advice. To see our past projects, visit our website.

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