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7 Gary,FL Landscape Lighting Benefits

There are several ways to add security to your Gary,FL property. Among them is Hillsborough landscape lighting. Gary outdoor lighting adds beauty to all homes; it also doubles as a security measure.

Typical home security systems include monitored and unmonitored. In addition, you’ll find wireless security alarms and wired home security systems on the market. Each offers its own set of benefits. The nanny cam version allows you to see who is at your front door via its corresponding app on your smartphone. It’s a great way to watch your home when you’re not there.

Gary,FL outdoor lighting adds a layer of security, not just against individuals with nefarious intentions; it keeps walkways, the driveway, and the front door well lit too. If you can see where you’re going at night, you’re less likely to experience a fall, trip over a step, or accidentally step on your new flower beds. 

The array of Hillsborough landscape lighting options is vast. You’ll find several sizes, colors, styles, and types at your disposal. They also vary in price. Most are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and cost-effective.

Improves Property Curb Appeal

You own your home. Homeownership allows you to maintain the house according to your wishes. However, you’re a member of your block, neighborhood, and community too. If all homeowners in the area pull together, you help each other. By paying attention to landscaping, exterior, and walkway areas, you improve the property’s curb appeal. 

Your home’s value rises and falls with the neighborhood. If one house sells below market price, it brings into question the value of the surrounding homes. A low price signals that the area isn’t desirable or problems exist in it. On the other hand, if one home sells above the asking price, the rest of the area’s homeowners can rejoice. 

It’s a group effort.

The value added by curb appeal varies. In average cases, it adds 7% to the property’s value. In general, every dollar spent on home improvements adds 40% to 70% in value. Adding Hillsborough landscape lighting can increase curb appeal and home value by 20%. 

There is no shortage of artistic creations Hillsborough outdoor lighting fixtures can render with the help of LED lighting professionals. For lighting your home’s landscape, focus on the elements you prefer to highlight. Some homeowners invest in their property’s landscaping. They plant new trees, flowers, and bushes; they also create an outdoor oasis. 

If you invested in your property’s outdoor area, it makes sense to highlight with complementary lighting. This way you can enjoy the space in the daytime and nighttime. 

Lighting helps you highlight your landscaping and improve your property’s curb appeal.

Allows Entertaining in the Evening

If you invest time into maintaining your yard, landscape, and walkways, you probably want to enjoy them. Once the sun begins to set, most people move the party indoors. This leaves the BBQ pit, outdoor patio, and landscaping alone for the rest of the night, especially when the days start to shorten.

In some areas of the United States, it’s not possible to enjoy a home’s patio, outdoor oasis, or BBQ pit in the winter. In Florida, however, it is possible. The sun still shines even though the weather is brisk. If it becomes a little chilly, you can add a heating lamp to your landscaping and Hillsborough outdoor lighting.

Investing in Gary,FL landscape lighting means you can entertain family, colleagues, and neighbors after the sun sets. LED deck lights, outdoor caps, and deck lights illuminate an outdoor area. LED path lights, tiki torch garden lights, and outdoor wall lights get the job done too.

Outdoor lights for your landscape come in handy for several situations. Dinner parties are one example. Special occasions are others. For example, you might host the annual Halloween party or a milestone birthday party for a loved one. Professional lighting places an accent on fixtures, plants, and angles of your home; they can also create themes.

Homeowners who want to decorate their home’s exterior for Christmas can without hanging a single strand of string lights. Instead, you can project the decorations onto your home’s exterior walls with other types of lighting. 

Allows Outdoor Family Time in the Evening

Hanging out with your family in the backyard is something that first-time homebuyers dream about during the house search stage. The National Association of Home Builders surveys first-time homebuyers annually. In 2021, the organization found 15 home features that were most in demand. More space is ranked as a coveted feature in several forms.

Buyers sought more space in the form of a laundry room, patio, walk-in kitchen pantry, and front porch or deck. To build a patio or deck, homeowners require yard space. These features act as an extension of the house. The desire is to have a place to sit and relax. They also want to enjoy it with friends and family.

Once you have that space at your disposal, you don’t want to give it up because it gets dark outside.

Your Gary,FL landscape light options for a patio or deck include stair lights, string lights, and recessed lighting fixtures. In-floor lighting, spotlights, and hang lights are other options.

Next time your family is engaged in an intense game of football, conversation about the past, or a yummy family meal, you don’t need to cut it short. Instead of interrupting family time, simply turn on the lights. 

Enhance Landscape Features

Among the several lighting fixtures on the market, you’ll find products specifically to enhance landscape features. 

As you pick out your Gary,FL landscape lighting fixtures, you’ll consider some things. The bulb, transformer, and cable play a role in lighting your landscape. A stake holds the fixture in place, and its bulb requires a power source.

The need for a power source is one reason why the solar-powered Gary,FL outdoor lighting fixtures gained popularity. An extensive exterior lighting system requires access to several power sources. Professionals can design a system that combines solar products with those that require electricity. It makes the system more efficient, environmentally friendly, and less draining on your household’s electricity.

Placing fixtures on trees, against garden walls, and at focal points are some ways lights enhance landscaping. Professionals assess your home’s exterior and pick downlights, wash, and bullet points. 

The result is a lighting design that emphasizes your favorite landscape areas.

There is no shortage of outdoor lighting fixtures to employ. If you hire professionals to handle the lighting installation for you, they assess the property at night. It gives them an idea of the features you want to enhance, the spots that receive no lighting, and other nuances about the property.

In several cases, professionals employ a combination of fixtures. They’ll start with post lights and bollard lights for walkways and pathways. To illuminate a large area, professionals can install flood lights or spotlights. If your property consists of a deck, it’s best to install lighting fixtures on the rails and steps.

Lights manufactured for steps on the property are also employed. This prevents accidental trips and falls after the sun goes down for the day. Backyards are wonderful spaces for entertainment. So you can enjoy your property after the sun sets, professionals use string lights. They wrap them around trees, patio furniture, and bushes. In addition, it’s possible to hang string lights over the dining table and eating area.

Wall lights and lanterns bring a lighting plan together. As you pick out the fixtures, keep in mind that it’s possible to pick some LED lights and some solar-powered lights.

The combination allows you to save on energy and reach areas that either can’t. For example, solar-powered lighting fixtures cannot be exposed to shadows. The shadows cut down on the energy they store in their battery. Conversely, some obstructions prevent the installation of LED lights that require connection to an electricity source.

Enhance Home Security

As mentioned earlier, outdoor lights enhance your home’s exterior beauty. They also double as a security measure.

In 2021, a homeowner can watch their home from their smartphone via an app. If you sign up for a subscription security service, they send you a kit. The kit contains cameras and installation instructions. Then you sync up the service to the app on your favorite electronic device. If something happens in your home, the video equipment records the incident. It helps you provide evidence to your area’s local authorities. 

When it comes to protecting your home, it’s a good idea to adopt measures that deter individuals from scoping out the neighborhood too. Studies show that 70% of residential burglaries take place between 10 am and 3 pm. The assumption is that most homeowners are at work during those hours. Moreover, the rest of the neighborhood is most likely at work too. Your job is to seem like you’re at home all the time.

Lighting your home at night acts as a deterrent against the 30% who attempt to burglarize in the dark. 

People stay away from poorly lit areas at night because bad things happen. Well-lit homes and neighborhoods attract less questionable elements. 

Enhances Visibility

You probably think that you know the location of every step, crevice, and border of your property. In the daytime, it’s easy to see them, so you’re right. However, when the sun sets, it’s a different story.

Lighting your property with outdoor fixtures, lanterns, and mounted spotlights helps you see when the sun isn’t around to help you. Since you’re able to see, walking from your car to the front door is faster. You can enter your home promptly because the lights allow you to see the keyhole.

Enhancing visibility helps other members of the household too, such as elderly. Data shows that the elderly have a slip rate of 40%. If they’re hospitalized for hip fractures, 50% can no longer return to their homes and live independently. 

Aside from taking medical precautions, proper lighting helps prevent accidental falls among the elderly household members.

The other demographic that tends to fall often are children. In their excitement to explore, they don’t watch every step they take. Exploring in the dark presents an extra challenge, even on your property. As kids develop, they’re finding their balance. When they’re outside and the sun begins to set, consider installing lights that help them see.

Enhances Outdoor Decor

Adding landscape lights to your property enhances the outdoor decor. If you browse online, you’ll find several examples of potential options that fit your home’s exterior and architecture. It’s also possible to find DIY video tutorials and how-to articles. 

In addition, there are online resources that explain how to place light fixtures on a stake and run the power wires in a manner that won’t interfere with enjoying the backyard.

To create the best lighting possible, speak with professionals who handle all aspects of a Gary,FL landscape lighting project. Lighting professionals are engineers and artists. They need to have an eye for aesthetics, but the team must be able to optimize a property’s space and reduce potential energy use. 

Cables require protection and must be placed away from foot traffic. After an installation, the lighting requires maintenance. LED fixtures require power cables that operate as intended at all times. Plus, their bulbs require replacement once every three years. On a similar note, the battery on solar-powered fixtures requires replacing once every three years.

Ultimately, the right team enhances your property’s features. If there’s an aspect about your property that you don’t particularly like, they can hide it through the use of light.

Your Gary,FL property benefits from professionally installed Hillsborough outdoor landscape lighting. Whether you’re seeking to improve your home’s curb appeal, value, or landscape features, contact our Led-Artistry team at 813-999-6255 to schedule an outdoor lighting demo. Visit our website to view our past projects and see our list of services.

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