When designing your garden, one of the key features is landscape lighting. It makes dark areas visible, highlights open areas, adds drama to the surroundings and creates an overall ambiance of peace and serenity. But for outdoor use what exactly is the best landscape lighting? There are many different types of lighting, but in most cases, the kind you choose depends on the style of home you have, your location, the amount of light needed and the placement of trees and shrubs. If you’re uncertain about how any of this will work together, then you can consult a landscape designer who specializes in outdoor lighting.

Most landscape lighting these days is low-voltage, using a standard bulb that plugs into a standard socket and has an affordable price, as well as being safe to use. Unlike 120-volt models, it is safer to use and cheaper to install. And although low-voltage bulbs get one tenth the electricity they do from other lights, through a step-back transformer, there is no limit to the brilliant effects they can create, from soft moonlight gently beaming down from a large tree canopy or a subtle shimmer that itches over a small low garden wall. These can all be done without any special equipment beyond a sunny day. – LED Artistry